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Accessibility, inclusivity and sustainability meets luxury at Amilla Maldives

A panoramic view of a luxurious water villa resort located in the Maldives. The villas are arranged in a curving line, extending into the azure sea. Each unit has direct access to the water, with some featuring private pools. A lush, green island forms the backdrop, with additional resort facilities and possibly a beach. The clear blue skies and calm seas suggest an idyllic, serene vacation spot.
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Within the world of luxury travel, many guests seek more than just opulence—they seek an inclusive experience. At Amilla Maldives, luxury isn’t just about elegant accommodations and lavish amenities. It’s about creating experiences that resonate deeply with guests. At this resort, the pillars of accessibility, inclusivity and sustainability converge seamlessly, creating a setting that respects both the environment and the diverse needs of its visitors.

Crystal-clear waters, powdery white sands and the gentle rustle of palm trees in the breeze is the backdrop for your dream vacation at Amilla. 

Luxury and inclusivity

Amilla Maldives makes guests feel special. Modifications for those who need it are made subtly and seamlessly. 

The resort’s luxury experience includes catering to guests with special needs and dietary preferences. They offer various dietary lifestyle choices including: gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, keto, paleo, vegan and vegetarian options. Guests are provided with a QR code that allows them to conveniently access menus tailored to their dietary needs. But inclusivity at Amilla goes beyond accommodating guests’ dietary needs. It’s about creating an environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated.

Guest experience, accessibility and staff dedication

The team at Amilla go above and beyond to ensure the needs of guests are met with grace and sensitivity. 

Employees participate in IncluCare’s specialized education program aimed at boosting their capacity to deliver guests a tailored, all-encompassing experience, while honing their awareness of what can make that trip truly extraordinary. One notable outcome: a member of the housekeeping team proposed an innovative solution to fulfill a guest’s desire to snorkel in the sea instead of the lagoon—a cherished aspiration for this individual who uses a wheelchair. A pool hoist was installed on a boat, facilitating the gentle lowering of the guest into the water. This 60-year-old finally achieved his life-long dream with Amilla’s assistance, marking a significant milestone in his life.

Accessibility, inclusivity and environmental consciousness

Inclusivity extends beyond physical accessibility to environmental consciousness and community engagement. The resort actively promotes sustainability and waste management initiatives.

Minimizing their impact on the planet is something Amilla takes very seriously. From reducing single-use plastics to supporting local fishing initiatives, every aspect of the resort’s operations is geared towards preserving the natural beauty of the Maldives for generations to come. Guests are encouraged to embrace environmentally friendly practices. In an attempt to reduce single-use plastic consumption, they are given reusable silicon water bottles, which are easy to carry around and conveniently fold up when empty. Guests can tuck them into a bag or even take them home as a momentum of their stay. No plastic bottles are allowed at Amilla.

They are acutely aware that sustainability isn’t just about protecting the environment, it’s also about preserving local culture and community. The resort works closely with local communities to promote sustainable practices and preserve the Maldivian culture. General Manager Narelle McDougall said, “On an island 10 minutes away by speedboat, we do reef and island cleaning with locals and our sustainability manager speaks with them about the importance of recycling, waste management and not throwing garbage into the sea.” At Amilla, guests have the opportunity to engage with the vibrant Maldivian community, whether through cultural nights at the resort or visits to other islands to interact with the locals. “The Maldives has a very rich culture but the guests who come here go straight from the airport to their resort island and have amazing, wonderful experiences but most of them don’t go anywhere near a local island,” McDougall said. “They’ll hear stories about local island life from a waiter or house staff who is cleaning their room but may never visit. But here at Amilla, we encourage guests to understand the local culture.” By fostering a deeper connection between guests and locals, Amilla ensures that every visitor leaves with a greater appreciation for the vibrant montage of Maldivian life.

Guests are not the only ones who benefit from Amilla’s inclusive approach. The resort is committed to providing opportunities for Maldivians of all backgrounds to thrive in the hospitality industry. Whether it’s through IncluCare sensitivity training or tailored support for employees with special needs, Amilla is also paving the way for a more inclusive workforce in the Maldives.

Whether you’re dreaming of a romantic getaway, family adventure, or solo retreat, come experience the magic of Amilla, where luxury lives with inclusivity, accessibility and sustainability in perfect harmony.

Amilla Maldives is the world’s first IncluCare Certified resort. Discover more about their accessibility and provisions for people with disabiities.

A disabled person in a red life vest and black snorkeling mask sits on the edge of a boat, preparing to enter the ocean. Half of the image shows the scene above water, where we see the boat and the person, and the other half is underwater, offering a view of the boat's submerged part and the clear blue sea.

 Inclusive Amilla Maldives 

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