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Patrick Mayer, Creator of Wheelblades “I decided to continue with my life and try to make the best of it” hen Patrick...
Dignity Restored with Project Dignity Mr. Koh Seng Choon Executive Director In Singapore and Hong Kong, Project...
Horror actress, disabled plus size model, and body positivity activist   Lipedema diagnosis. Thank you kindly...
Jake Steinman’s TravelAbility highlights the importance of Accessible Travel Today, more than ever, the needs...
Yuval Wagner, Founder & Chairman of Access Israel
Early Life I am from Ramat Hasharon, Israel. My Dad was a handicapped IDF veteran so I was exposed to the idea...

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Interview with Charlie Hammerman
Interview with Charlie Hammerman:The...
A Story of thankfulness
Drs. Kathryn Johnson and Amy Hebert...
We need to make sure that when individuals with a disability want to travel, they do not have to go through so many hurdles just for a trip that somebody else would normally take. It would be great to get on the plane with ease, check into a hotel knowing that the bed is the right height, and you can use the bathroom as well as public transportation.
Alan T. Brown: A vacation changed his life
Alan T. Brown: A Vacation in the Caribbean...
Howard Rosenblum: A life of advocacy
Howard Rosenblum leads a life of advocacy Written...
Transparent-Able-Eyes-Logo (1)
Able Eyes: Know before you go
“My story starts back in high school...
Danielle Webb on Dwarfism
Danielle Webb on Dwarfism: “Accept yourself....
My goal in life is to share my story and life with Jimmy in the hope that what people see or read will help them through whatever may be going on in their world, and to love and trust that anything is possible!
Niki & Jimmy: disability, love, laughter, happiness
My goal in life is to share my story...
Gestures Ltd. Is Transforming the Way...

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