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DeafBlind, Yashaira Romilus transcends barriers and touches the world
By Angela Lynn

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I’m thrilled to shine a spotlight on a remarkable individual whose journey embodies the very essence of inspiration. Ms. Yashaira “Yash” Romilus, a DeafBlind Latina traveller, has embarked on extraordinary journeys that have taken her across 31 U.S. states and to countries as diverse as Mexico, Honduras, Canada, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Haiti, Ecuador and Spain. Her adventures are a testament to her unwavering resilience and the incredible power of the human spirit.

What sets Yash apart are the inspiring stories that punctuate her travels. She navigates the world with grace, overcoming communication barriers with a determination that is nothing short of awe-inspiring. When approached by individuals who can both see and hear, she effortlessly reaches for her smartphone. With practiced ease, she opens the notes app, designed for legibility with large text. Then, with the press of the Siri microphone button, she utters a phrase that transcends barriers: “I am DeafBlind. Please speak into my phone to communicate with me.” It’s a simple yet powerful act that opens the doors to understanding and connection.

Language barriers hold no sway over Yash’s unwavering determination. She relies on a Google Translate app to bridge gaps in other languages, ensuring that her message of inclusion and unity resonates wherever she goes.

In her travels, Yash extends a hand – literally – to touch a million other hands, arms or shoulders. She seeks guidance and engages in the universal language of touch. A gentle tap, a reassuring squeeze, or a friendly pat on the arm become conduits for communication, transcending the limitations of hearing and sight.

What truly sets Yash apart is her refusal to let her disability define her or limit her exploration of the world. Her journeys are a reflection of an indomitable human spirit, proving that with determination and adaptability, one can not only touch the world but also be touched by it, regardless of the challenges faced.

Yash is an inspiration, a living testament to the heights that human resolve can reach. Her story reminds us that every obstacle can be surmounted, and every journey, regardless of its challenges, can be a voyage of discovery and connection.

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