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Discover Kelowna this summer: Accessible adventures await!

A group of cyclists is exiting a rocky tunnel during a guided bike tour. The first rider is using a red adaptive tricycle, designed for accessibility, and is smiling and gesturing happily. Two other cyclists on standard bicycles follow closely behind, all wearing helmets and casual outdoor attire. The background features rugged rock formations, indicating a mountainous or canyon setting. The path is gravelly, adding to the adventurous atmosphere of the ride.
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Nestled in the heart of British Columbia’s stunning Okanagan Valley, Kelowna invites people of all abilities to explore its natural beauty and vibrant culture. From May to September, this inclusive city offers a variety of adaptive activities designed to ensure everyone can enjoy a memorable summer adventure.

One of the highlights is AbleSail, an inspiring program run by People in Motion. Whether you’re an experienced sailor or a curious beginner, AbleSail provides the perfect opportunity to experience the thrill of gliding across Okanagan Lake. With specially adapted boats and expert guidance, participants can safely navigate the sparkling waters, feeling the freedom and exhilaration that sailing brings.

For those who prefer land-based adventures, Biking Myra Canyon is a must. This historic trail, with its breathtaking views and iconic trestle bridges, is now more accessible than ever. Thanks to Adaptive Adventures, in partnership with Kelowna Bike Rentals, visitors can rent handbikes and other accessible bikes. Duet bikes and tricycle rentals are also available at Myra Canyon Bike Rentals. These specially designed bikes allow everyone to traverse the scenic paths of Myra Canyon, enjoying the fresh air and panoramic vistas at their own pace.

Kelowna’s commitment to accessibility doesn’t stop there. The city boasts numerous wheelchair-friendly trails, parks and attractions, ensuring a seamless experience for all visitors.

So, why not make this summer unforgettable? Whether you’re sailing on Okanagan Lake or cycling through Myra Canyon, Kelowna promises an inclusive adventure filled with joy, freedom, and discovery. Embrace the spirit of adventure and visit Kelowna, where accessible fun and natural beauty go hand in hand. 
Plan your trip today and see why Kelowna is the perfect destination for all abilities.

In our October issue, you’ll get to visit Kelowna with Tanelle Bolt: Ablesail, biking the iconic trestles, accessible wine touring and cooking class

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