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About my Exciting Summer
By Codi Mendenhall

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No Barriers made it possible for me to climb a mountain in a Grit chair. A Grit chair is a manual chair with handles that you pull and push to move yourself, up and down the mountain. I took a dance class with J.R. Martinez. We both learned to dance together. I got to meet Mandy Harvey from America’s Got Talent. I took a songwriting class with her. We learned to write songs. I was able to rock climb, by pulling myself up with my arms a climbing chair and a rope. I took a palm reading class. I also got to ride a bike with my teacher Mr. Carmicheal. I really enjoyed No Barriers.

My summer was full of wonderful helpers. Mindy and I did crafts together. Abby went on bike rides and helped create some things on my Cricut with me. I had fun with Hailey learning the Kung Fu Fighting dance and we also did crafts. Ella went swimming with me. I played Game Pigeon with all the girls. I had so much fun with these girls who came to my house over the summer. 

My mom and I went to Denver. I got to have a dance party at Ryan’s Seacrest Studio before my doctor’s appointment. Then, we visited the Butterfly Pavilion with our friend Tammy. I got to hold a tarantula named Rosie. Her foot felt like q-tips. I also got to touch a starfish and it felt bumpy.

My Mom’s birthday was on August 15th. I wanted to make her a surprise. So, I made a secret plan with my friend Sandy. I was acting suspicious all day. My mom kept asking me, “Who are you texting?” I said, “No one.” We made her a Reese’s peanut butter squares cake. Sandy brought the cake over to our house. I went outside and mom thought I was just going outside for a walk. Little did she know, when I went outside, I was actually waiting for Sandy. Mom came out to check on me when Sandy arrived with the cake! Mom was curious when Sandy pulled in and mom said, “What are you two up to?” Sandy gave me the cake and I gave it to my mom. Mom was surprised and happy!

At the end of my summer I went to Phoenix to the Abilities Expo to talk about my technology.  Then on the way to the airport we went to the iFly indoor Skydiving place.  It was crazy and the wind was in my face.  My second fight I had a full helmet so then it was better.

My summer was so exciting!  I hope yours was too!

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