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Disability travel agents who plan worry-free trips around the world
By Wheel the World

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For individuals with disabilities, a trip can be difficult to plan. There are many reasons for that. The world isn’t always built with accessibility in mind and consequently, it can feel out of reach for those who require assistance or special conditions. This is where a travel agency dedicated to people with disabilities comes into the picture.

Pitfalls of booking with a standard travel agency

When you book through a standard agency or platform, the accessibility information is not prioritized. You may see a wheelchair-friendly sign slapped on the website or statements that the rooms are ADA compliant. However, we all know that doesn’t always translate to true accessibility. At times, it is more of an afterthought than a priority. The downsides of booking a trip through one of these standard travel agencies are:

  1. Lack of accessibility information
  2. Information is inaccurate and unreliable
  3. You need to call, ask specific questions, double-check the accessibility information, and you may still arrive to find that the booking is not as advertised
  4. Accessibility is not a one-size-fits-all solution. People with disabilities have unique and different needs when it comes to finding a hotel, activity, transportation and other travel factors

Wheel the World understands this, this is why our mission is to make the world accessible and travel without limits.

How does Wheel the World provide worry-free travel for those with disabilities?

We are dedicated to solving the issues that disabled travellers face—issues similar to those outlined above. Here are some reasons why you can travel with confidence when you take a trip with our accessible travel agency.

We provide detailed measurements and data for a comprehensive accessibility overview

With every offering on Wheel the World’s website, detailed information was obtained through measurements and data. In fact, there are over 200 data points obtained with information that is relevant for travellers with disabilities.

When you book a hotel, multi-day vacation package or activity, you will know that the accessibility information is accurate and reliable. For example, you will find various pieces of data about specific hotels and rooms, allowing travellers to book the one that best suit their needs. Some of the relevant information you will find for hotels are:

  • Shower type (roll-in shower, bathtub) with accessible features such as a shower seat, grab bars and height of the shower head
  • Door width to entrance and bathroom
  • Toilet grab bars
  • Bed height
  • Pool with a lift
  • Step free entrances
  • Turning space
  • Accessibility of hotel dining areas

and so much more—too many to list in one article. You can even find out whether the telephone can be reached from the bed, whether there is free space under the bed, and the visual/auditory disability guidance available. A one-size-fits-all solution does not exist but Wheel the World provides a solution.

Expert disability travel agents provide personalized support. Have you ever called a hotel multiple times to confirm that the accessibility features shown on their website are present? Or call to ensure the room you requested will indeed be available during your stay? If you require certain accessible amenities when travelling, chances are at some point, you have arrived at a hotel to find your room is not accessible, despite all the calls.

The expert travel agents at Wheel the World have a wealth of experience in providing trusted service for travellers with disabilities. They make all the calls for you, confirm the bookings you requested, and set everything up for a worry-free trip. Their expertise in this field also allows them to create personalized trips that is suitable for you.

The support continues during your trip. If any issues arise or you have questions that need answering during a trip, our travel experts will be available for support. It is the most convenient and stress-free way to book accessible travel.

The mission to make the world accessible cannot be fully accomplished alone. It requires a community of like-minded people that are also dedicated to the vision. This is why Wheel the World partners with various local partners around the globe to assist in disability assistance training, awareness, and knowledge of accessible tourism.

For example, one of our strong partnerships is with Essential Costa Rica, an organization with whom  we have done impactful work. Their commitment to accessible travel has led to Costa Rica becoming one of the best vacation spots for those with disabilities. It is a delight to book trips for our travellers there, knowing our trusted partner aims to provide a top-notch, accessible experience for all visitors. We’ve heard numerous stories of individuals and groups alike having one of the best accessible trips while in Costa Rica.


“From the beginning of booking with Wheel the World, to the end, and travelling our most memorable guided trip ever, the process was easy with Lorena and Majo at the helm of getting everything coordinated, but more than that, the service provided was above and beyond anything we could have imagined. Our guide Eddie and driver Andres were so knowledgeable, accommodating, caring and professional, it was amazing. This trip was for my mom to be able to see the nesting turtles in Tortuguero National Park and the Arenal Volcano. At 92, walking short distances is an option but getting to beaches to see the turtles at night or long hikes through the hanging bridges trail etc., assistance is needed. From aquatic chairs, to wheel chairs and scooters, accessible vans and the helping hands in and out of boats along the way, Costa Rica, we love you.” – Wheel the World Traveller

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