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Editor’s Note
By Angela Lynn

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Hello everyone, I’m delighted to welcome you all to the Winter edition of Accessible Journeys.

I come from the fabulous city of Las Vegas, a place that never fails to excite visitors and residents alike! It’s a city known for its vibrant entertainment scene and I cherish the fact that it offers everything one could desire.

As great and fabulous as our city is, it’s hard to believe there’s still room for improvement. In Las Vegas, when it comes to inclusion and resources for people with abilities, we are lacking. I’m hopeful that over time, positive changes will come to fruition in our city.

In the intricate tapestry of life, I’ve woven my passions into a vivid tableau that resonates with the beautiful melody of inclusion. As an enthusiastic writer, host and producer of The Angela Lynn Show a Deaf interpreter, educator and unwavering advocate for an inclusive world, my journey has harmonized the realms of travel and inclusion into a purposeful symphony. I invite each of you to join me in a world where silence is golden, and communication is profoundly powerful.

I consistently relish opportunities to share my unfiltered, authentic experiences and I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of Mélange Accessibility for All  and now, Accessible Journeys magazine. In this issue, everything is real and raw, sharing with you personal journeys of a Deaf traveller, where every word is a brushstroke on the canvas of my life.

My joy in championing inclusion knows no bounds as I crisscross the globe to underscore its significance in the context of travel. From airplane destinations to cruise getaways, train adventures and more, I’ve explored it all. In this issue, I’ve contributed articles that delve deep into the experiences of people with abilities in the world of travel. Within these pages, we’ll embark on a transformative exploration of travel and inclusion, uncovering its profound impact on lives across the spectrum.

In this issue, you’ll gain insights into the various facets of accessibility for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and DeafBlind individuals navigating a hearing world. Resources may sometimes be scarce, and sign language may not always be widely understood, but every traveller carries a unique story and a personal journey. Each one requires varying degrees of support to make their travels as inclusive as possible.

I warmly encourage each of you to embark on this voyage with me, where silence speaks volumes, and every word resonates deeply. Together, we will explore inclusion, navigate diverse landscapes of travel, and learn how shared experiences and understanding can bridge gaps, creating a symphony of inclusion that transcends the barriers that once stood in our way. Let us build a world that embraces every traveller with open arms and where every unit of communication, message or expression resonates with the vision of inclusivity.

If you have any questions about my travel experiences or would like to be a guest on The Angela Lynn Show, I invite you to contact me at

Wishing you all a positive and joyful winter season. Stay warm, and don’t forget to savour a cup of tea or a cup of joe while reading these fantastic articles contributed by people from around the world.

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