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Jordan Kastrinsky, JB Upscale “My Choice is Israel”

Like many visitors before him, Israel felt like home the minute he arrived here. Jordan Kastrinsky, co-owner of JB Upscale, can attest to the country’s appeal as for the past four years, Israel has been his chosen place of residence.

Originally from Denver, Colorado, he first visited with a synagogue trip at 10 years old. He remembers going home to Denver and telling his parents they should move there. He returned again when he was 17 through a joint Israeli-American program. That ‘homely’ feeling persisted and it grew each time he returned. He finally decided to move there after finishing his Bachelors degree at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. He joined the Israel Defense Force (IDF), serving as Head of New Media in the Arabic Spokesperson Unit. During that time, he developed a passion for digital marketing, branding, and storytelling. When Jordan became a civilian, he combined his video production and graphic design skills with what he learned at the IDF and freelanced as a digital marketer/content creator in Israel. He recently partnered with his colleague, Benny, and opened JB Upscale to help provide a more comprehensive solution to startups and other digital companies looking to expand internationally.

Jordan and his team provide the following services: 

  • Inbound/Digital Marketing
  • Branding and Creative Services
  • Outbound Marketing/PR
  • Content Marketing and Development
  • Business Development
  • Smart Partnership Management

Typical clients include:

  • startups with a proven solution
  • mature high-tech companies
  • digital content platforms
  • companies needing digital transformation

Sectors of interest: 

  • Technology
  • Innovation
  • Digital
  • Cyber
  • Biomed
  • Agro and food technology

Jordan’s note-worthy observations about Israel

The country’s ambience 

Friendly people enveloping you with kindness is something he experiences wherever he goes.  Israel feels like home. It’s comfortable. For Jordan, sometimes the feeling is difficult to explain, so he simply attributes it to the people. Colorado will always be home to him but Israel definitely comes a very close second. The harmonious coexistence of cultures and religions, with that diversity freely embraced, is meaningful to him. This is the quality of life he relishes. That, and a good plate of hummus.

The Mediterranean Sea

Having grown up in landlocked Colorado, being in such close proximity to the calm, clear Mediterranean with over 100 kilometers of beautiful coastline is refreshing. “The whole ocean vibe of the Mediterranean is very nice,” Jordan said. “It’s my go-to place that I really enjoy.”

Israel is a beach-country and there are many choices, one to fit every mood. Tel Aviv beach is a favourite of many. Within its 14 kilometers are individual beaches, each with a distinct character.

Desert Wadis 

Seeing a section of greenery in the middle of an arid desert while on a hike is awe-inspiring. A sublime appreciation for nature is awakened especially when a small river or natural pool is added to that scenery of contrasts. There are many wadis in Israel such as Ein Avdat, Ein Gedi and Wadi Quelt. Green areas with water, in the middle of the desert – wonderfully breathtaking oases!

JB Upscale will accelerate your business growth – from key partners to direct investment.

“We will build you the strategy, implement the tools,

and develop you the content and connection

 to kick your business up a notch!”

IG: @jnkast || Facebook / LinkedIn: Jordan Kastrinsky

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