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Autistic self-taught artist and designer Margaux Wosk (they/them)

Support entrepreneurs with disabilities

Margaux Wosk (they/them) is an autistic self-taught artist and designer as well as an activist and advocate for people with disabilities. They fight really hard for those who own their own business so that these entrepreneurs are able to have the same rights and benefits that are available through organizations that hire people with disabilities.

They also engage in public speaking and through everything they do, passionately strive to break down barriers that exist as it relates to what is generally believed autistic and people with disabilities are capable of doing. Margaux owns an online store on Etsy.

“My online store is reflective of who I am and I use bright colours and creative, cute imagery. I offer autistic and neurodiversity pride items as well as a wide variety of things: patches, stickers and so much more.”

Their artist pseudo name is Retrophiliac which means lover of past things. “I am very inspired by the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s and it is reflected in all of my work and even my personal style. I came to make a change for many people are not just myself. I find strength in my work and the overlap of my activism, advocacy and art.” ~ Margaux Wosk

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