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Twin sisters, Liz and Maddie Adams, champion the power of kindness and self-acceptance
By Alice Williams

In a world that often overlooks the beauty within, the extraordinary bond between twins Liz and Maddie stands as a testament to the power of love, care, and family. Liz, born with Goldenhar Syndrome, has faced unique challenges throughout her life, but her journey has been defined by resilience, kindness, and an unwavering determination to make a difference. Their story is a beacon of inspiration for people with disabilities, reminding them that they too can create meaningful change in the world.

From an early age, Liz understood that she looked different from other children. It was in kindergarten when she realized that her classmates had princesses who resembled them, while she felt excluded. Instead of succumbing to bitterness, Liz transformed this experience into a catalyst for positive change. She recognized her ability to influence and empower others who felt marginalized.

As Liz and Maddie grew up, their inseparable twin bond became a source of strength and support. One poignant memory was when Liz had surgery as a child, and Maddie, even at a tender age, took it upon herself to make their home a warm and loving space upon Liz’s return. This early display of unconditional love set the foundation for their unwavering support of one another.

Liz’s advocacy journey began to take shape in high school. With a close-knit group of friends and a growing sense of self-acceptance, she realized that she no longer needed to hide, or fear being seen. Maddie also played a crucial role in fostering inclusivity and ensuring Liz felt valued within their social circles. Together, they exemplify the essence of mutual support and protection.

Liz’s belief that she was born with a facial difference for a reason became a driving force for her advocacy. She started sharing her story through articles and interviews, discovering a community of individuals who faced similar challenges. The Faces National Craniofacial Association provided support when they needed it most, and Liz’s involvement with the organization further fueled her passion for promoting facial equality.

Their journey continued into college, where Liz and Maddie are now pursuing degrees in communications. Their podcast, Courageously Kind, born out of a desire to spread kindness during the challenging times of the pandemic, rapidly gained a global following. Through their discussions and conversations, they seek to inspire others to embrace kindness in their daily lives. Their impact has been far-reaching, with listeners from 71 countries finding solace and inspiration in their message.

The sisters’ involvement in various youth groups and initiatives further exemplifies their commitment to kindness. They actively participate in the Christian women’s ministry group on their college campus, nurturing relationships and cultivating a culture of compassion. They also served as emcees for Peace Camp, an event that emphasized conflict resolution and taught young children the value of accepting differences from an early age.

Dispelling misconceptions about Goldenhar Syndrome is an important aspect of Liz and Maddie’s advocacy. They challenge the assumption that physical differences translate into internal disparities, reminding the world that appearance does not define abilities, intelligence, or emotions. Their hope is to foster a greater understanding and acceptance of individuals with facial differences and disabilities, encouraging society to recognize the inherent humanity in everyone.

Liz and Maddie’s story serves as a powerful reminder that appearances can deceive, but the essence of a person lies within. They embody the courage to challenge societal norms and inspire others to look beyond physical differences. Their mission to spread kindness and create a more inclusive world resonates deeply, inviting us all to reflect on our own capacity for compassion and empathy.

As their podcast continues to touch lives around the globe, Liz and Maddie remain dedicated to their purpose. They aspire to create positive change by raising awareness, advocating for accurate and positive representations.

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