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Unleash the Accessible Wanderlust with Jamie Santillo
By Alice Williams

Close your eyes and imagine a world where limitations are merely steppingstones to extraordinary experiences. Picture a journey that transcends boundaries, defies expectations, and celebrates the triumph of the human spirit. This is the realm of accessible travel, a realm where Jamie, the unstoppable force behind “Adventures by Jamie,” reigns supreme.

Born with a spirit as indomitable as the roaring waves, Jamie has transformed her own disability into a catalyst for change. With parents who instilled in her the belief that she can achieve anything she set her mind to do, a travel agency became her platform for advocacy. With every breath, she breathes life into her agency, a beacon of hope for those yearning to explore the wonders of the world, regardless of their abilities. Jamie’s unwavering determination has fueled her ascent, propelling “Adventures by Jamie” to the pinnacle of the travel industry, where it stands proudly as the paragon of inclusivity with 72 agents strong, earning her recognition of being the “Best Travel Agency in Tampa Bay” in 2022.

Through her agency, Jamie orchestrates symphonies of unforgettable experiences, composing a melody that resonates with the hearts of all who dare to dream of travel. She understands the importance of personalized journeys, meticulously crafting each adventure to suit the individual needs of her fellow travelers. Like a master weaver, she intertwines the threads of accessibility and wonder, creating a tapestry of boundless possibilities.

Her clients enjoy wonderful experiences and so does she – diving headfirst into the depths of adventure. With her trusted wheelchair as her chariot, as she explores new places and cultures, Jamie oftentimes fearlessly embraces the adrenaline of adaptive activities. From the exhilarating rush of zip-lining to the breathtaking serenity of hot air ballooning, she reminds us that our limitations are merely figments of our imagination. Her infectious spirit transforms the mundane into the extraordinary, inspiring us to shatter our own glass ceilings.

However, Jamie’s path is not without its hurdles. The road to accessible accommodations remains treacherous, strewn with obstacles that impede the enjoyment of travelers with disabiities and specific needs. Yet, like a lighthouse guiding weary sailors, Jamie stands tall, illuminating the way forward. She conducts meticulous audits to ensure travelers’ needs will be met, and with her team of travel agents, champions the cause of accessibility with unwavering voices. Her partnership with tourism boards and travel companies heralds a new era of understanding, where the needs of all travelers are met with open arms. She commends the companies that are taking steps towards inclusivity and partnering with advocates like herself.

In the realm of air travel, however, a tempestuous storm continues to rage. Accessibility and the treatment of wheelchairs remain unresolved issues that demand urgent attention. Jamie calls upon airlines and the travel industry at large to rise above their limitations. The time for inclusivity is now!

Jamie applauds the pioneers, the vanguards of change who, like her, walk on this epic journey to create a barrier-free world. Companies like Wheel The World and Break Relief Sitters are some of the stars that shine brightly in her constellation of allies. They, and others, pave the way for a future where limitations are mere whispers in the wind, where access knows no bounds.

Jamie’s ultimate goal is to dismantle barriers and create a world where disabled travelers are no longer bound by the chains of misconception. In her vision, all wanderers traverse the globe with their heads held high. Together, they journey into a future where accessible travel becomes the glorious norm.

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