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Villa Ayahora at Aywasi Bay

In the Kalinago Territory on the island of Dominica, a privately owned, three-bedroom, 3 bathroom villa-rental sits nestled within the verdant Salybia community. Villa Ayahora is owned by Kalinago, Nichie Abo, who once lived abroad but has now retired to the community where he was raised. The villa is within walking distance from the Kalinago Barana Aute.

This area is called Aywasi, the Kalinago word for “Thundering Bay”.  When Nichie was growing up, Aywasi Bay was the place from where the fishermen in the village would leave for the day’s fishing. Today, this is done from a modern facility in a neighbouring village outside of the Territory.

A mere five-minute walk from the villa, there’s a small dipping pool, safely protected from the rough Atlantic ocean. Villagers have access to the natural pool but it is usually the villa’s guests who head down there to bask in its warmth.

The Villa Ayahora experience is authentic. Sophisticatedly rustic, all-wood with an extensive garden, guests have the freedom to wander amidst the fruit trees – mango, guava, banana, cherry, coconut and more – pick and eat whatever’s in season. Then, relax on the balcony, enjoying the sounds of the ocean as it wafts up from Aywasi Bay.

If needed, Nichie and his team can take care of visitor logistics from arrival on the island to departure. Guests can choose to just enjoy the peaceful surroundings and scenery from within the villa, which itself can be a therapeutic experience, or they can explore the Territory and also the rest of the island if there is interest. Tour guides will be recommended for land and water based excursions.

Guests are typically those who love the outdoors, enjoy hiking and adventure. However, others who are looking for serenity will find it here and also welcome.

Comfortably and tastefully decorated, the villa is equipped with modern amenities including WiFi. Guests can be assured of safety, privacy and comfort within the community of Dominica’s indigenous people who are friendly and welcoming.

Villa Ayahora is a Dominica Covid-19 Certified accommodation.

Contact: (767) 255-2990

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