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Warsaw, Poland. Let it surprise you !

Some of the accessible areas of the city are listed at the end of the article.

Warsaw is the capital of Poland, the country in the Central Europe, famous for the Solidarity movement which contributed to the fall of communism on the continent. As most of its attractions is now closed because of Covid-19 pandemic you can take your time to get to know the city must-sees. To get a brief experience of what awaits you on spot discover Warsaw online.

As each city, Warsaw has a place that is its showcase and a top one on any trip. In the capital of Poland, it’s the Old Town, entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the place where the city’s heart has been beating for centuries. Make sure to find its market square to see the statue of the Warsaw Mermaid, the emblem and guardian of the city. This is a good place to start a stroll along the Royal Route that links the former residences of Polish rulers:  Royal Castle in Warsaw, summer residence of the last king of Poland – Royal Łazienki and magnificent Palace at Wilanów.

If you really wish to understand the rich history of the city visit its interactive museums. The Warsaw Rising Museum is dedicated to the WW2 event that shaped the contemporary face of the capital. The POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, which received the prestigious title of European Museum of the Year 2016, shows the 1000-year-old Jewish presence in Poland and at the same time is an excellent example of contemporary architecture. The most recognisable relic of Warsaw’s turbulent history is however the Palace of Culture and Science. Still the highest building in the city was completed in 1955 and presented as a “gift of the Soviet people for the Poles”.

Surprisingly, being a thriving urban centre, the city offers a lot for those who love nature. More than 90  parks, historical gardens, squares, nature reserves and botanical gardens covers almost a quarter of the area. Warsaw is also one of the few capitals in the world that boasts a primeval forest and woodland growing in the city. The long list is headed by Royal Łazienki Park known for famous Fryderyk Chopin Concerts held each summer in unique outdoor setting. It is worth knowing that the famous composer, born exactly 200 years ago, spent the first half of its life in Warsaw which is a home to the his museum and renowned Chopin Competition. To learn more about his links with the city you can also use the ‘Chopin in Warsaw’ mobile app.

During the summer season probably the best place to go to is the Vistula river with its modern boulevards on one side and a belt of natural woods and unique sandy beaches on the other.. When the temperature gets higher the riverside starts to buzz with life – the cafés and bars open up and dance parties and open-air concerts take place.  The Multimedia Fountain Park and the Copernicus Science Center  located nearby draw families with children.

Warsaw has also a rich calendar of musical, cultural and sports events. Festivals, star concerts and outdoor exhibitions take place throughout the year. In present circumstances they can  be enjoyed only online but make sure to check What’on section as soon as the tough times are happily gone. To keep track of the situation or keep in touch with Warsaw staying at home follow Go2Warsaw.

Those who prefer walking off the beaten path are welcome to Praga district which for centuries has been diverse in terms of culture, ethnicity and religion. Contrary to most of Warsaw it was not  destroyed during World War II and is considered to be the most authentic part of the city. You will enjoy strolling through the historic streets, admiring temples of various religions and discovering the shrines hidden in backyards. In Praga Koneser Centre, the renovated complex of the 19th-century vodka distillery, housing Polish Vodka Museum you will learn how the Polish drink is made.

Warsaw’s food scene is just as interesting diverse as the city itself. Designer restaurants, elegant venues and variety of eateries located in historic interiors of Hala Koszyki and Elektrownia Powiśle offer flavours from both Poland and all over the world. In order to join the locals and taste traditional dishes pop into one of milk bars dating back to the communism era. Hungry vegetarians and vegans will be delighted – even Paris or Prague cannot claim to have so many vegan restaurants. And on summer weekends outdoor breakfast fairs attract lovers of healthy food, relax and socializing.

Warsaw will positively surprise you in many ways. Just give it a chance !

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