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Why you should visit Israel

Many people are thinking of places to visit when it is safe to travel again, and Israel offers a variety of reasons why they should be on the post-Covid travel bucket list being compiled by people around the world who eager to head to new places.

Israel is the Holy Land, known for being home to the Western Wall, the Holy Sepulchre, and the Al-Aqsa Mosque and many other places of religious significance. It is also home to The Voice of Music Festival and the Jerusalem International Film Festival where movie producers from as many as 60 countries participate and over 200 movies are screened. If you’re a movie-lover, you’ve already discovered another reason to visit Israel.  These and other unique experiences await.

Here’s another: when you get here, you must visit the Dead Sea, which is one of the largest natural spas in the world. You can also visit the Charles Bronfman Auditorium and listen to the incredible sounds of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, immersing yourself in a musical experience the likes of which you may not experience elsewhere in the world.

There is always something of interest taking place here, and most importantly, something for everyone’s pleasure regardless of preference. Israel is host to dozens of cultural festivals and events and it is also a family-friendly destination that boasts of incredible beaches, and a vibrant nightlife. All of this is accompanied by an international smorgasbord of cuisines that’s just as rich and colorful as the country itself.

The small but impressive Israel

There’s a reason Israel is mentioned when food is discussed by world travellers. The Land of Milk and Honey has a wide array of mouth watering cuisine with an impressive variety of restaurants and other eating establishments. Armed with someone who knows the lay of the land, you can find the most incredible food on offer. There’s sufganiyot, the sugar-dusted doughnut, and shakshuka, a delicious mix of eggs poached with wholesome tomato sauce, or the legendary shawarma – meat, cooked on a revolving spit which actually needs no introduction, and is it known in many parts of the  world.

Israel’s local cafes and coffee shops offer some of the finest drinks you’ll find anywhere. This is what Starbucks, the American coffee discovered as they struggled to set up shop here. The local ones were just too good to beat.

A visit to Israel will allow you to explore a country of immeasurable natural beauty, world-class culture, unbeatable history, and friendly people. If that isn’t enough, there’s the entertainment and social scene, some of the best in the world.

Tel Aviv – The City That Never Sleeps

Many people call Tel Aviv one of the most interesting places they have ever visited. Its beaches are legendary, its fashion scene is impressive – Tel Aviv Fashion Week should be on your radar if fashion is your thing – and its tech hub rivals Silicon Valley’s. There is so much value in one place!

On the social side, when visiting Tel Aviv, be  prepared to stay up late. The night clubs won’t start filling up until after midnight, but until then, you can find bars and other amazing hang-outs all over the city. The most legendary of these include The Block, The Breakfast Club, and the Haoman 17.

On weekends, in observation of Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest, Jerusalem and many of the other cities will have little activity. This is a time to spend with family, have meals together and attend service. Tel Aviv, however remains abuzz with activity while the rest of the country rests.

Visit the official Israeli Tourism website for more insights.


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