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5 interesting facts about Venice

  1. There are canals and boats, but no cars in Venice
  2. The well-known cocktail, Bellini, was invented in Venice in 1948
  3. Well-known trader and adventurer, Marco Polo, was born here
  4. By law, all gondolas must be black
  5. Venice Carnival with its ornate masks and outfits must be experienced at least once in your lifetime

Images of stunning architecture, many canals and hundreds of gondolas follow thoughts of Venice, located in Italy’s north east. The city is actually 118 islands connected by bridges with canals in between. Its canals are busy places, with not only gondolas, but also motor boats, water taxis and other water transportation that carry people, produce and goods along the watery highway of the city.

Exploring this unique city via its canals is certainly fun, but a walking tour of Venice with a local who knows the corners of the city, its in depth history and notable sights provides a different perspective. Lesser-known markets, museums, cafes and giftshops can be explored, inserting a distinct Venetian flavour to your experience.

On a walking tour, most people will explore the bustling Rialto Market in the San Polo district, popular with tourists and locals. On your walk from the market, you will see old houses and buildings  that were constructed since the 5th century BC. You will cross the Rialto Bridge on the Grand Canal and go up onto the rooftop of the historic Fondaco dei Tedeschi to get a spectacular view on the city.  Next, down past Marco Polo’s home, and from there head to St. Mark’s Square, home of St. Mark’s Basilica, the cathedral church of the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Venice and Doge’s Palace, once a place of government, now a museum and cultural centre.

This is one of many tours you will experience while walking through Venice but for a taste of the extraordinary, hidden gems can be explored allowing you to experience the city like a local.

Contact Alessandro Trabucco, Tour Leader in Venice, to show you his Venice, the precious jewel in which he was born.

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