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Aruba Life Organics Handcrafted Sustainable and Organic Makeup

By Riselle Celestina

Have you ever wanted to wear your beauty products and be completely at ease that what you are applying to your skin is not only good for you but also not harmful to the environment? These days words like organic, eco-friendly and natural seem to be used by big name brands in the beauty and cosmetics department everywhere and it is no wonder. Most consumers are becoming more aware of what they apply to their skin and a percentage is also concerned about the possible waste or damage that they can create by using irresponsible products. Big Name Corporations are introducing so called organic products but have you ever stopped to read the labels and see if the ingredients in these products are actually organic and healthy for you and yours?

While researching ways to a healthier lifestyle for herself and her family, Julienne Paskel-Heronimo started experimenting in her kitchen with different natural and organic ingredients to create a more natural and safe alternative to the more conventional makeup available. And so Arubalife Organics was born.

Julienne’s brand has grown in the meantime to a full line of sustainable and organic personal care items. She is famous for her sunscreen which is made of 5 simple ingredients and is not only safe for coral and marine life but for us humans too. With Aruba’s recent ban on sunscreen containing Oxybenzone, which is the toxic ingredient causing so much harm to the coral and marine life, Julienne’s version of a clean and healthy sunscreen comes highly recommended and most wanted. Speaking of the other products in Julienne’s arsenal of sustainable and organic personal care items are the deodorants that come in three different aromas, a black eyeliner made with activated charcoal, different shades of blushes as well as lip tints that come in a vegan or non-vegan color. Julienne classifies her products as non-vegan when ingredients like beeswax to bind and carmine for color are used. She makes sure to include a QR code on each of her products, which come beautifully and responsibly packaged in containers made of cardboard.

Once scanned the QR code takes you to a page on the website that not only has all the ingredients listed but also has information like how to apply the products and how to get the best results.

By making small batches at the time, Julienne guarantees the freshness of her products and stands by the fact that they are so natural and pure that you can practically eat them.

You can get your hands on the Arubalife Organics line at different locations on Aruba or contact Julienne via the website for delivery to your hotel or Airbnb whenever you find yourself on the One Happy and now Sustainable Island.

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