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Cat Boland – “Cold”

A hypnotic voice, the perfect accompaniment to emotions laid bare through music.

That’s Cat Boland, a singer-songwriter from Boston, MA. With her dreamy aesthetic, she gives listeners genre-fluid music that aims to capture the authentic female experience, providing comfort and empowerment to young women. 

Cat always loved to sing and remembers being the one repeatedly selected by her Kindergarten teacher to sing solos. Her performances started in elementary school and for a while, Broadway was her target. Talking, singing, acting and dance lessons begun and an agent was secured. Although her parents were supportive, when middle and high school came around, Cat temporarily lost interest in singing, but by the time graduation arrived, the realization hit that music was what she wanted to pursue. Raised by her dad while her mom worked, expressing her emotions did not come easy to her. A dad’s ear was not as soft and receptive as mom’s so emotions were mainly kept inside. These are now expressed through her music. 

Her debut single, ‘Cold’, an emotive, simplistic long-form ballad was recently released. You can listen to it on all streaming platforms.

Social Media: @catbolandmusic

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by Cat Boland

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