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District Wine Village in South Okanagan

It’s Coming! A village for wine lovers in the South Okanagan.

It was a grand idea that started over a glass of wine between two friends, Max Brock and Matt Kenyon. A village of an idea. Literally. Max and Matt took their love for wine and wine touring and created the concept of the District Wine Village in the South Okanagan. It was to be a place not only for wine lovers but for those who had something to celebrate as well.  Sadly, Max was not to see his idea become a reality. He passed away before the ground breaking.  But like they say: The show must go on and so must also the culmination of the construction of this village, which is now being built in honor of Max and his family.

The concept of the village is quite simple. Create a single destination where one can go for a culinary experience, entertainment, wine tasting and education, all easily accessible and with ample parking. District Wine Village will encompass several buildings, each housing a very important part of wine making and an amphitheater for concerts and events for about 600 persons.  The buildings will be used for fermentation and production, temperature controlled barrel storage and tastings amongst others. The village is meant to produce and showcase the individual craft of each winery or artisan producer, whether it’s a distillery or a brewery.

The District Wine Village is the first of its kind in Canada. Born from the minds of two friends and stemming from visionaries at Greyback Construction, this wine village will bring producers of small batch wine, beer, cider and spirit together alongside unique events and creative culinary offerings all in one South Okanagan destination.

This gateway to Canada’s Wine Capital, located on the North end of Oliver, BC, will give guests a truly distinctive taste of the Okanagan by pairing artisan producers with culinary sensations and events. For more information about the District Wine Village, visit and feel free to follow on Facebook and Instagram for project updates.

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