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Haitian Chef, Rose Michel

CEO, Chef, Entrepreneur & Success Coach! Chef Rose is a woman of many talents.

She is an exceptional Chef and owner of Belmere Catering as well as Success Coach and Founder of S.E.E.D Success. Empowered. Educated. Development, with over 10 years of experience in professional cooking and catering. She has extensive experience in creating a community full of love, compassion, and cultural awareness through food, including exposing people to the beauty and strength of the Haitian culture.

She was recently featured in the New York Times for her famous Haitian Pumpkin Soup (Soup Joumou) recipe. She was also featured in the Miami Times, Miami Herald, local channel 10 news in Miami, NY Daily News, Manik Magazine,, Food Republic, Edible Manhattan, and on the panels with CHOPPED Champion Chefs.

Hers was the first Haitian-American company featured at Smorgasbord Food Markets and Queens International Food Market.

Chef Rose has helped to raise over $2M for non-profit organizations and wrote a cookbook to support the Domestic Violence cause. She develops innovative and strategic plans and establishes clear visions so people can have the opportunity to be part of something much greater than themselves. She also has experience as an Adult Education Instructor.

Her passion for cooking, teaching, and community remains at the forefront of all her endeavors.

Haitian Beet Salad


6 whole white potatoes

3 beets

½ yellow onion

½ red onion

1 green pepper

3 whole carrots

1 cup of mayonnaise

½ tbs salt

½ tbs pepper

1 tbs of mustard


Bring 1 quart of water to a boil.

Peel Potatoes, Beets and Carrots

Place Beets in water for 15min than add potatoes for 10 min, then add the carrots for the last 5 min

Drain water from pot and set aside to cool

Dice both onion finely and dice green peppers

After cooling dice the beets and carrots and cube the potatoes

In a larger mix bowl, add all ingredients and thoroughly. You can taste to see if it needs more if you like.

Place in refrigerator and serve cold

Serve 15 | Prep Time: 15 min. Cook Time: 30 min. | Ready in 45 min

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