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Helen Middleton Studio

Helen Middleton is an artist/designer who encourages sustainable living through creative design. I take industrial materials and waste and transform them into original, contemporary products.

Owner of Helen Middleton Studio, Helen is a contemporary designer creating pieces which are playful and intriguing, combining beauty and a cause, earning their place in your environment whilst capturing your attention. Her designs are either made from 100% recyclable steel, created using UK manufacturers or hand made from industrial waste material- where she works with businesses to repurpose their waste material into new, contemporary objects. By encouraging businesses to reuse their waste, new exciting, affordable products can be created, promoting an alternative to landfill.

Helen believed having her son changed her perception of the world. She began thinking ‘What’s the point of a pretty looking chair when the world’s falling apart?’ It wasn’t enough that people admired her work. She needed to use her artist gift to do good in the world. Helen believed design should go beyond the superficial. It should embody a message, it should engage and empower us to make a difference in our world. And above all, it should be fun.

Through waste-led design, Helen is reusing industrial waste material creating contemporary, affordable products with little or no environmental impact. By making waste the core part of her process, she helps companies be eco friendly whilst providing endless design possibilities….. and she loves every minute of it. Helen is privileged to collaborate with large printing companies to repurpose their industrial waste instead of it ending up in landfill by re-using their old printing sheets as the canvas for her work. She loves scraping away the paint, discovering the text underneath, giving an insight into the metals previous life. All the scratches and colour charts create a unique element to the piece. This discarded piece of metal has now been reused with an exciting and new purpose by converting waste into art. From the original artwork, she has created museum quality giclée prints, individually signed and printed on cotton rag paper. Sustainability and the circular economy is very important to Helen, therefore even at the very early stages of her creative process, she was thinking how to create that piece of artwork for you and what materials to use. Each piece is printed on 300gsm unbleached cotton paper. This museum quality paper is amazing as it is made from 100% recycled cotton t-shirts and rags resulting in no trees being cut down . Artwork that is beautiful whilst supporting the circular economy.

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