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A black and white logo titled, Gestures features a black circle outline holding four small white triangles, surrounded by two curved black triangles that point outwards.


Listen to this Article Gestures Ltd. Is Transforming the Way the Visually Impaired Access the Internet   As Eyar Shtabinski, founder and CEO of Gestures Ltd., was researching the market for visually impaired people, he decided to investigate the area of smartphone usage. He wanted to see how with the help of some technological advancements […]

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Photo is a headshot of a man in a blue suit with an orange tie. Headline states, Interview with Charlie Hammerman.

Interview with Charlie Hammerman

Listen to this Article Interview with Charlie Hammerman :The Disability Opportunity Fund and the world’s first fully accessible hotel – The Schoolhouse Hotel   What influenced your decision to start the Disability Opportunity Fund? From our perspective, what the disability market needed for growth in 2005/2006 was finance and capital to address the public policy

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